The Regional State Stationary Establishment «Boarding house for aged people and invalids «Lesnaya dacha» is a stationary establishment of social service.

Date of creation: January, 1, 1971.

Purpose: to render the medical and social assistance to aged people and invalids in establishments of stationary social service, to improve the life quality of residents.

Objectives: to give social services in stationary conditions, to improve life-support of aged people and invalids. The creation of comfort and calm domestic surrounding.

The establishment is a typical boarding house for permanent living of aged people and invalids, who are completely or partly unable for self-service.

Special attention is paid to nutrition, medical service of residents. There is a physiotherapy room, a therapeutic physical training room in this establishment. The room of psychological relaxation is planned. There is a library with 11000 books which includes special editions for the blinds or for the people with poor vision. There is a concert hall and amateur talent activities.

There is a praying room, where the church services are regularly held.

Contact information:

Address: 636143, Russia, Tomsk oblast, Shegarsky district, village Pobeda.
Telephones: (838-247) 42-143, 42-375 (reception)
Fax: (838-247) 42-201, 42-375
Establishment director: Konstantin Vasilevich Shkarlatov